Four Cups of Coffee out of Five

Title: Four Cups of Coffee out of Five
Pairing: Ron/Ginny
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Incest.
Word Count: 4139
Summary: Ron and Ginny discuss a mistake they have made together over a cup of coffee.
Disclaimer: I know it’s hard to believe, but I am NOT actually JK Rowling.


The end of the war seemed like a lifetime ago.

Realistically, only a couple of years had passed since Voldemort had been defeated, the Wizarding world was still trying to land on its feet and for the most part, it had. The remaining Death Eaters had been rounded up, the Ministry of Magic had been fortified as a force for good once again and Hogwarts had been repaired to its previous greatness.

There were many funerals, with a few light-hearted impromptu Weddings in between, but mainly there were funerals.

All the Wizarding locations across the globe where darkness had spread through was seeing light again and returning businesses back to normal; every shop in Diagon Ally had been either repurposed or reproduced in some manner, and this included the grand reopening of Olivander’s wand shop; Wizarding villages such as Hogsmeade prospered, the streets were full again and the shops were busy with customers.

Even places that were often associated with the Dark Arts, such as Knockturn Ally for instance, felt as though they were safer to travel along than they ever were before.

And yet, despite the fact that all this good light was spreading through the Wizarding World, it still did not stop Ron Weasley from feeling completely miserable about spending yet another Saturday night alone at home. As if living alone was bad enough, having to cook for himself was even worse – at least if someone else lived with him, he’d have a person to complain about his cooking with.

Ron had been out of the Burrow for around about six months now, deciding he’d had enough of his family at this point, and using instead the excuse that he wanted to live in an apartment closer to London. He had been working at the Ministry of Magic for the past eighteen months, alongside his best friend Harry Potter, and he had been helping track down the remainder of the Death Eaters.

His work hours were less these days, having locked away so many bad guys; so unfortunately the lonely Saturday nights had become far too frequent for his liking. A couple of times he had thought about working up the courage to go and visit his other friend, Hermione Granger, with whom he had attempted to start a relationship with and had ultimately failed.

They had been fine for a while there after the war, but eventually the constant bickering and arguing had resurfaced and they had broken up. The last he had heard, she was dating some snob prick that had helped her get an internship over at the Daily Prophet; he tried not to think too hard about what she might have done in order to get such an opportunity.

Ron tried putting this thought into the back of his mind as he began to cut some potatoes for his dinner, but it didn’t help very much that his apartment was quiet, it was too easy to think. He had just put the potatoes in a pan and was taking them to the oven when there was a knock on his door, making him jump and sending the potatoes flying.

Cursing, Ron abandoned the mess, placed the pan on the sink and rushed to get the door. The last person that he expected to find on the other side of the door was, probably in reality, Hermione; but the second last person that he expected, and indeed the person who it turned out to be, was his youngest sibling and only sister, Ginny.

She looked a little irate to tell the truth.

‘Where do you keep your alcohol?’ she barked at him right off the bat, catching Ron off-guard.

‘I beg your pardon?’ Ron asked in return, but his sister brushed past him and threw an overnight bag down onto his floorboards.

‘Harry and I had a fight,’ she explained to him, as she made a beam-line for the kitchen.

‘You did?’ Ron asked curiously as he shut the front door and followed his sister.

Ginny had stopped on the threshold of the kitchen and was looking down at the fallen potatoes that spread across the tiles.

‘What happened here?’ she asked, but Ron wasn’t going to let her change the subject.

‘Never mind that,’ Ron said, ‘what did you and Harry fight about?’

‘Oh what does it matter?’ Ginny asked, carefully tiptoeing over the potatoes, ‘I say one thing, he has to correct it, then we go back and forth at one another for an hour. I only ended up leaving because he wouldn’t, said something along the lines of it being his house and not mine, but what ever.’

‘Umm… not that I’m unhappy to see you sis,’ Ron said carefully, as Ginny wrenched open his fridge, ‘but isn’t this usually the sort of thing that you would discuss with one of your girlfriends? Like Hermione for instance?’

Ginny peered at her brother over the top of the fridge door and gave him a look of concern.

‘Oh sorry, I suppose you wouldn’t know,’ she said seriously, making Ron fidget.

‘Know what?’ he asked wearily.

‘Hermione’s abroad,’ she explained, before shrugging at her brother and returning to rustle about in his fridge.

‘Abroad?’ Ron stared intently at the fridge door which was hiding his sister, ‘you mean overseas?’

‘What do you think it means?’ she snapped at him.

‘Well, where did she go?’ Ron was genuinely curious.

Ginny resurfaced with a frustrated look on her face and closed the fridge door empty handed.

‘I don’t remember if she told me,’ she said truthfully, now beginning to open some cupboards randomly, ‘might have been America. Something to do with the Daily Prophet I assume - I’m sorry, Ron, I don’t know any more than that.’

Ron had shuffled forward and sat down at the table, leaving Ginny to wander round the entirety of his kitchen looking for liquor.

‘Are you kidding me?’ she finally said after a few minutes of silence, and causing Ron to look up, ‘is there not a single drop of alcohol in your apartment?’

Ron frowned. ‘Sorry, no,’ he responded, causing Ginny to sigh disappointedly and sit down at the table with him.

‘Brilliant,’ she said, folding her arms and letting her eyes wander the kitchen aimlessly.

Her eyes fell onto the potatoes again which were still littered across the floor, and looked up at Ron expectantly, who seemed to be off in a daze about this news involving Hermione.

‘Were those going to be your dinner?’ she asked him, indicating the potatoes each in turn.

Ron nodded when he saw what Ginny meant, and she glanced around one more time at them before saying, ‘sorry if I interrupted.’

‘I’d need to be doing something significant for you to interrupt it,’ Ron pointed out, forcing Ginny to look at him curiously. ‘All I had planned was another miserable Saturday night alone, and now I found out my ex-girlfriend is off with some snob having the time of her life.’

Ginny laughed. ‘Snob is right,’ she said to him, ‘you have no idea, Ron… this guy, he’s the most self-centered man you will ever meet.’

‘Really?’ Ron asked in hopes to raise his spirits.

‘Yeah,’ she said, ‘Harry and I had the misfortune of dining with him last week and he had the audacity to critique my meatloaf. I don’t exactly recall every word of it, all I really remember was seeing red as he talked, but I do believe the words “stale” and “dull” were involved in some fashion.’

‘He sounds lovely,’ Ron said happily, he was bouncing in his chair.

Ginny clicked her tongue and stood up and began pacing the kitchen. ‘I definitely need a drink of something.’

Ron stood up too and surveyed the kitchen. ‘Well if you’re going to stay,’ Ron said, and he glanced at the overnight bag by the front door, ‘let’s just order a pizza and I’ll nip to the corner shop for some firewhiskey. Sound good?’

‘Sounds perfect,’ Ginny smiled, and she insisted that she would clean up the scattered potatoes in the meantime.

An hour later, the two siblings were eating pizza, sharing a bottle of firewhiskey, and laughing outlandishly at the uptight behaviours of Hermione’s boyfriend. Ginny was attempting to recall every miniscule detail of this snob’s attributes; it ranged from his obsessive compulsive hand washing, to his list of phobias which would rival some of the essays Hermione used to write at Hogwarts.

And probably the most laughable was the fact that he wore an extremely expensive suit to a casual afternoon lunch.

As the night progressed, the bottle of firewhiskey became much lighter, and in-turn, their laughter became heavier and louder and they were inching closer to one another on the couch. Eventually, much to their disappointment, the bottle became empty, and in frustration, Ron dropped it onto the floorboards and let it roll away from the couch.

And then it happened.

Intoxicated, fuelled with anger, and perhaps some jealousy, the two siblings embraced in a hug that was just supposed to be their goodnight gesture; but somehow, with a mere turn of their cheeks, it became a kiss instead. And not just a simple peck on the mouth and pull away kiss; but a full kiss that was passionate and of great feeling.

They both pulled away at an appropriate time where, if only just one of them had had an inch of common sense left, would had pushed the other person away and called it at that. But the firewhiskey kicked in, and they were kissing again; they were quite aware of it this time, and not just of their lips meeting, but of each others body heat and obvious arousal, which had built up over the course of the evening.

Particularly for Ron.

He had not had his lips on another girl since Hermione, and now he was kissing his sister, he almost allowed himself to believe that he would feel better if he continued doing it. Subconsciously, both were moving off the couch and along the hall; they continued their embrace, remained attached at the mouth and yet, despite being clearly tipsy, managed to find Ron’s pitch black bedroom.

They were finally able to breathe when they pulled away from their kiss and stripped themselves of their clothes in the dark. By this point they were running on instinct, they would not even have stopped to look at one another if they could see, they just climbed into the bed and went under the covers and let the alcohol do all the work for them.

It was all over rather quickly – all that tension that was built up over so long released in a passionate moment and, due to the alcohol running through their systems, it was all they could do but collapse in each others arms and fall straight to sleep.


Even if they opened up a thesaurus and searched for years afterwards, Ron and Ginny would never be able to come up with a word that could appropriately describe the awkwardness that was waiting for them as they woke the next morning. Ron woke first; the blinding light from his window was what stirred him – having been in such a rush to get to bed, he had never had a chance of going through his regular routine which would have included shutting the blinds.

But this little mistake made him the first to realise what they were waking up too. As he stretched, and took the sun in, and his brain began to click into a conclusion, he looked down with great regret at his little sister, who still slept silently on his chest.

His stomach felt weird all of a sudden, as if he’d missed a step going down a flight of stairs; the second pain he endured was a raging hangover, which finally took effect now that he was aware of his surroundings; and finally, worst of all, he lay there thinking of the consequences he would now have to face, after having just slept with his sister.

As he pondered this nightmare and held his head in his hands, Ginny woke soon after, again the bright sun blinding its second victim. She stirred in his arms and began to sit up, also quite obviously sporting a hangover as she brought her hand to her head and rubbed it.

‘I feel sick,’ she said, her eyes having darted sideways to see her brother was awake also.

Ron mumbled a response as they both shifted apart and Ginny surveyed her surroundings, the scattered items of clothing, and their current state under the covers.

‘Did we…?’

‘Yes,’ Ron confirmed, and Ginny looked panic-stricken.

‘Bloody hell,’ she spat, sporting a real good impression of her brother, ‘what were we thinking?’

‘We weren’t,’ Ron assured her, ‘we were drinking.’

Ginny glared at him. ‘Oh great, I’m sure that’ll hold up well when Harry asks me where I was last night.’

Ron sat up suddenly, his hangover momentarily forgotten. ‘Gin, you can’t tell.’

‘I know that,’ she hissed at him, she was moving to the edge of the bed, ‘I was being facetious.’

She got to the edge of the bed and realised she was naked – she wrapped a sheet around herself and got up and began to pick up her items of clothing

‘I’d better be going,’ she said quickly, Ron watched her dart around the room picking up her clothes.

‘Wait, Ginny,’ Ron said, as his sister got to the threshold of his bedroom door, ‘why don’t you stay for breakfast? We should talk about this.’

‘I don’t think I can right now, Ron,’ Ginny said, she stepped over the threshold, still wrapped in the sheet and looking positively petrified. ‘I’ll speak to you when I can.’

‘But, we can’t just… leave it at that,’ he said to her realistically.

Ginny sighed, put her free hand to her head which was throbbing, and turned away, leaving without another word. Ron felt his own hand slip to his head again, the hangover was a unyielding reminder of what he had done – and as he fell back against his pillow and stared at the ceiling in disbelief, he wondered if he’d just ruined his relationship with his sister.


Ron had decided in that moment not to chase Ginny – he fell asleep soon after she had left in a bid to get rid of the hangover he had, and it wasn’t until late afternoon that he was pacing his lounge room pondering what to do. He thought perhaps a spontaneous visit to her house so soon after the event was a bit extreme, but he determined not to leave their situation unresolved.

He tried writing her a letter to send by owl, and this took up the majority of his evening – he had the left over pizza for dinner, and listened to the world going past his window as he wrote. A pile of parchment began to build up on his kitchen floor, because he was finding it very difficult to write what he was thinking and feeling, whilst having to be cryptic with the words he used. He didn’t want to make it clear in his letter that he’d slept with his sister, in case it got into the wrong hands.

By the time it was two in the morning, even to him his best draft wasn’t making much sense – so because he was tired, and because it was obvious he wouldn’t be sending any letter to his sister any time soon, Ron cleaned up and went to bed. This didn’t help clear his mind; as he got under the covers, all he could smell was Ginny, and so he was reminded of his problems and insomnia grabbed hold of him.


It was a couple of days later before Ginny finally agreed to meet Ron for a coffee to discuss their evening together. She had only ended up saying yes to him, once it had been determined by them both that they should meet somewhere isolated and off the grid from the Wizarding world. There was a quaint coffee shop on the very outskirts of London, and it was a very muggle heavy area, and they were both positively certain that no one they knew lived anywhere near there.

And so that was where Ron sat, in a tiny corner booth, shielded from the windows and the entry way of the coffee shop. He was sipping his black coffee nervously, hoping beyond hope that she would stand him up and that they could break the ice between them.

Ginny arrived five minutes late looking positively nervous, and constantly over her shoulder, but at least she arrived. She sat opposite her brother; they exchanged the word “hi” and then fell silent, waiting for the inevitable conversation to start. It was delayed by the waitress coming over to take Ginny’s order, and once she had gone to fetch a cappuccino, Ginny looked up expectantly at her brother with hesitancy.

‘Well, here we are,’ she said to him, shifting nervously.

‘Yeah,’ Ron nodded his head; he was sipping his coffee just as nervously as she was fidgeting.

The fell silent again and a good minute passed as they attempted to think of something to say; Ron couldn’t believe that his brain was suddenly stumped, when all he had done for the past three days is plan exactly what he was going to say to her. But now that he was seated opposite her, he was finding it difficult to distinguish the difference between his sister and the girl he had had sex with.

If he couldn’t do that, he wasn’t sure the issue could be resolved.

The waitress returned with Ginny’s coffee, and she welcomed the distraction because it was something she could do, instead of just waiting. She stirred her drink before taking a sip and returning her focus on her brother.

‘Let’s just get it out into the open,’ Ginny said with pursed lips, forcing a surprised expression from Ron, ‘what we did, was a mistake.’

Ron stared at her without blinking and pondered these words for a moment.

‘I agree,’ he said finally.

‘Good,’ Ginny said, and she took another sip of her coffee. ‘We are both adults, we didn’t mean for anything to happen – we were upset at other people, we had a good time talking about our problems, we got drunk, and then we lost our inhibitions for a few minutes.’

‘Exactly,’ Ron nodded in agreement; he loved the fact that it was Ginny who was on the front foot.

‘It was one night,’ Ginny said with a shrug, ‘and we don’t intend repeating it, do we?’

‘Definitely not,’ Ron said firmly.

‘OK good,’ Ginny said, and she was stirring her coffee again. ‘Hopefully we can move past it now. Although I think its better that we don’t tell anyone, particularly Harry or Hermione, but especially our family.’

‘Especially not our family,’ Ron repeated, ‘probably best that we leave it at that, now that we’ve talked about it.’

Ginny nodded. ‘Right.’

Ron felt his confidence returning as he sipped his coffee – they shared a smile and waited for the moment to pass.

‘So,’ Ron said after a considerable amount of time had passed, ‘now that everything is out in the open, and we’ve accepted it, I have to ask…’

‘Ask what?’ Ginny said curiously.

Ron, being a guy, could not pass up the opportunity to ask her this.

‘How was it for you?’ he asked her, forcing her eyebrow to rise. ‘The sex I mean.’

Ginny blinked at him. ‘Are you asking for feedback?’

There was a hint of amusement in her voice, which carried mostly disbelief.

‘Maybe I am,’ Ron said in return.

Ginny just calmly sipped her coffee before looking around.

‘I’m not about to tell you that here,’ she hissed at him, but then she looked down at the table, ‘what if I just fill out one of these?’

She picked up one of the cards that sat on the table, and flipped it over; it was basically a small survey that could be filled out as feedback for the coffee shop they were sitting on. There was a list of questions that, to Ginny’s delight, could be interpreted differently as to what she wanted to say.

And so she began to fill it out.

‘I don’t see how that could help,’ Ron said with a frown, as Ginny contemplated the questions.

After another minute of silence had passed, where Ron fidgeted and sipped his coffee, Ginny put her pen down and slid the card across the table for Ron to read. He swallowed hard as he put his coffee down and picked up the card, casually sneaking a glance at a smirking Ginny before he read it.

As his eyes trailed down the list of questions, his stomach reacted in all sorts of ways; under courtesy and neatness of appearance, Ginny had given him top marks and had added in the note section below it “extra emphasis on courtesy, due to pulling out of the way before spilling.” Ron smiled weakly at this note, knowing exactly what she was talking about.

Next it asked if you were served in a prompt and timely manner; Ginny had ticked the yes box again and this out of all the questions so far caused Ron to look up at her in surprise.

She was smiling broadly at him as he read, but she said nothing, and simply sipped her coffee in wait for him to finish.

Ron smirked at her answer to wether she was happy with the pastries and buns that were on offer; Ginny had of course ticked yes and added in the notes “pastry was full and long, and the buns were firm but appeasing”.

The first “no” box that Ginny had ticked, was in response to “are you planning a return visit in the future?” However, the word “regrettably” had been added on the end and this had brought another small smile to Ron’s face.

She had also said no to “will you recommend us to friends and family members?” But again she managed to feed his ego by adding in the notes section “will recommend highly to all friends now that I know the quality of the product in question.”

That gave him the happiest feeling out of all of her answers so far, and gave him slight hope that despite knowing he wouldn’t be intimate again with her, then at least maybe their evening together might have opened up a few more possibilities as far as her friends and co-workers were concerned.

The very last note at the bottom of the card was the overall score: and Ginny had given him four cups of coffee out of five.

‘Well I must say you’re quite complimentary towards me, aren’t you?’ Ron asked, finally looking up at Ginny who merely shrugged and continued sipping her coffee. ‘Although, I did happen to notice… you only gave me four cups of coffee out of five.’

Ginny carefully put her coffee cup down, folded her arms in front of herself and leaned across the table slightly.

‘You should be thrilled,’ she said to him with a wink; ‘most boys I sleep with don’t even come close to four cups of coffee.’

Ron raised his eyebrows at her. She made it sound like this coffee shop was a regular place she brought the guys she had slept with afterwards – the fact that she just kept staring at him with pursed her lips didn’t dismiss his theory.

‘And how many did Harry get?’ he asked cautiously, but Ginny laughed.

‘Five,’ she said happily, ‘but I taught him.’

‘Of course,’ Ron acknowledged, ‘but how many was it before you taught him?’

Again Ginny laughed and leaned back in the chair to survey her brother carefully.

‘Not four,’ she said, nodding, ‘but that’s all you’re going to get out of me.’

Ron grinned at himself and looked back down at the card, rereading everything that Ginny had written for him.

‘Say… would you like me to fill out one of these for you?’ Ron asked her.

‘No, that’s fine,’ Ginny said sweetly, ‘I think you made your opinion clear when you yelled out “bloody brilliant!” at the end.’

Ron felt his cheeks grow red as Ginny stood up from the table, moved towards him and gave him a peck on his cheek.

‘Take care, Ron,’ she said to him, straightening to her full height, ‘let’s have dinner again soon.’

And with one last smile at him, she left.

The Power of Secrets

Title: The Power of Secrets
Pairing: Ginny and all of her brothers
Rating: R to be safe
Warnings: Implied incest.
Word Count: 1607
Summary: Ginny is the centre of attention at a Wedding, but it’s not her Wedding.
Author's Notes: Just a fun little fic I wrote. Not even anything dirty, just implied fun. Hope you like :)
Disclaimer: I know it’s hard to believe, but I am NOT actually JK Rowling.


Ginny Weasley walked happily and at a leisurely pace down the aisle at her oldest brother Bill’s Wedding, throwing flower petals aimlessly in her wake and not really bothering with performing the job bestowed upon her that afternoon at all properly. Her partner for the march toward the stage was Gabrielle Delacour, the younger sister of the woman who would be marrying Bill, and it seemed she was much more keen to take part in the ceremony, as she was making up for Ginny’s slack.

With six older brothers and no sister, Ginny had never really been exposed to the extreme romantic side of life, she had never pictured herself getting into a white dress and marrying some handsome bloke in front of hundreds of people. She had had very little patience with being a simple flower girl, the very thought of becoming the centre of attention for so many people had completely frightened her off ever getting a boyfriend.

In fact, if she could have it her way, the only boys she wanted in the rest of her life where her brothers, whom she loved all dearly and whole-heartedly. And it was probably only because of them that she bothered walking up the aisle in front of all those guests gathered underneath the large white marquee that beautiful summers afternoon, because out of all those guests, her brothers were the only ones REALLY watching her.

Everything that she did in her few seconds of fame on that carpet from the slightly seductive way she walked, to the much rather low-cut dress she sported in comparison to Gabrielle’s was because of her brothers. After a summer of exploration into each of her siblings lives, she uncovered more than just the truth about what some of them were hiding, but also hidden talents that not just they had, but that she had had too.

Even right now, as she walked ever so innocently, yet still ever so seductively down the aisle besides Gabrielle in her rather low-cut dress, every single one of her brothers stared at her – not in the way that perhaps the rest of the audience in the marquee depictured her (save for Harry Potter) – but in the way that reminded them of what she looked like underneath that dress, and indeed of what she was capable of when she was out of that said dress.

The best man of the Wedding, Charlie Weasley, looked away and took a large intake of breath – anyone who knew of the events unfolding over the summer might suggest that he had been the latest victim of said activities (and they’d be right). Ensuring Bill did not hear the conversation, Charlie whispered under his breath to the little tufty-haired Wizard who would be performing the ceremony.

‘Vicar, may I ask you something?’ Charlie said with a twitch.

‘Of course my dear fellow!’ exclaimed the Wizard priest in a resembling whisper.

‘This might sound a little odd,’ Charlie went on, ‘but is there a chance that it is mandatory for the best man to lay with a family member of the groom the night before a Wedding?’
The little Wizard looked horrified.

‘Merlin’s Beard, no!’ he shrieked, as quietly as he could, but a couple of people turned their heads to look, ‘why, where ever did you hear such a thing?’
‘It doesn’t matter,’ Charlie shook his head, ‘I figured it wasn’t true. Thanks.’

‘But of course,’ the little Wizard said, nodding and waving a hand – yet he mumbled so barely audible words that sounded like “preposterous” and “silly”.
Charlie stepped sideways sluggishly, his legs very much like jelly. He felt tricked, taken advantaged of – and he could barely believe that his very little sister, the young girl now walking down the aisle as a flower girl, could have brought him to do such a thing.

He felt sick, he might have been the one getting married that day, not Bill.

Bill was having his doubts just as much as his best man was. Even as his Wife to be appeared with her father, and started making her way down between the rows, Bill was still casting nervous glances sideways to the little sister he had once thought of as nothing except, well, just that.

Now... well, he was horrified with himself over what he had done – and although a part of him was wishing he could just forget it and move on with this life and that it was only a onetime thing – he would almost do anything right now to have the marquee alone to themselves for five minutes, just so he could experience her once more as a free man.
Her sideways curious smile at him wasn’t helping one bit.

As the bride reached the archway in which they were to be married, all but a handful of eyes were on the beauty in white. Only an exceptionally talented person could attract the attention of well-minded individuals when there was a vela draped in white beside her. Yet six pairs of eyes were fixed upon her, and she grinned to herself as she stared at the priest, well aware of her surroundings, satisfied of her accomplishments.

Her name was the only thing that could bring her out of her reverie.

‘...but I must say, Ginevra’s dress is far too low-cut.’

Ginny glanced around, still grinning, and guessed that it had been Aunt Muriel who had spoken her name. She spotted her brother Ron sitting next to Harry (who was actually “Cousin Barry” in disguise) and she winked in their general direction.

Was she winking at me, or Harry?

These were Ron’s thoughts. He had, like his older brothers, been watching the young redhead from the moment she had entered the room. His heart had skipped a beat unnaturally when she had turned and winked, and his mind was now fighting Harry’s mind in his head.

It couldn’t be Harry; their relationship was over... wasn’t it? Anyway, he didn’t take her virginity away from her, I did!

Fred and George were seated one row in front of Harry, Ron and Hermione. They alone were the only two brothers in the room that knew of each other’s activities. They knew that, besides themselves, at least one other Weasley brother had tasted forbidden fruit. They did not know however that every other brother had taken a bite, they only knew that the other twin had done so, for they came in a package did the Weasley twins; there was no one or other.

They had been the easiest to crack – though every one of her brothers had a weakness, the Twins had two: each other.

Out of all her brothers, the twins had seemed the less put off with the idea, if anything they were almost more excited about it then she was. Because of that, the night she had between them was easily the best night of her life and it would probably never be rivalled.

The hardest nut to crack by far had been Percy. There he sat in the front row, between mother and father, the favourite (except for that tiny little miniscule rebellious stage where he had favoured the enemy over his family) but that of course had been forgotten. Ginny had figured out that Percy’s weakness was in that time of disrepute, that there had to be a time in that period of his life where he had slipped up, and become imperfect.

Victory had never been sweeter after that night.

Oh the sounds he had made – she will never forget them.

But she will never forget Bill, either. She turned to face him, their eyes met, and he looked worried, concerned that she may say something, do something that would jeopardise what was about to happen; but Ginny merely smiled even more so – if that was possible.

Bill had been the second hardest to break. Engaged, the Wedding approaching fast, he had broken down and she had snatched him up in a heartbeat, but the eventual outcome had not been nearly as fun for Ginny as she had foreseen. He had not been proud of their encounter, and Ginny had almost felt bad for doing it – but there was no doubt in her mind that there would be another chance.

Bill stood there now, remembering that night just like she was, yet he was forcefully trying to remove the thought from his head, needing to focus on this the most important of days, a day that changes his life. His mind was racing, the little Wizard priest was moving his mouth but no words were coming out – finally that time of the ceremony came where Bill must speak, and he was fighting off demons in his brain just as every eye turned to him.

Don’t say Ginny. Don’t say Ginny.

‘I, William-Arthur... take err... take Fluer-Isabelle...’

There was a collective noise of affection. Everyone was assuming he was nervous about being married – Ginny knew better of course. She smiled to herself – she would have been delighted if he had said her name by mistake – but in the end she was happy to let the ceremony roll along.

The rollercoaster in which not just Bill, but each of her brothers were due to face in the coming months, was going one hell of a ride.

Ginny’s helping hand

Weasleycest - Ron/Ginny

Disclaimer – I do not own HP, JK does.

A soft brush of wind swept across the open plains of the English countryside, causing the tops of trees and the tips of tall grass to sway gracefully back and forth. It carried with it the smell of a summer rain, slowly approaching from the north, but it did not deter the brilliant sunshine casting over the current scene. Upon a slanting hill, hidden from the town below by a cluster of trees and well placed structures stood a house, of no ordinary standards. It sat awkwardly at an angle, and it looked simply like one house had been dumped aimlessly on top of another. By the front the gate, a signpost sat at an equally acute angle with words etched across it: the Burrow. A small picture had been drawn upon it also, a rough sketch of a structure resembling that of the large slanting house in front of it.

The yard surrounding the house was made up over several sections; the front lawn had a winding garden path that etched to the front steps, where chamber pots sat either side of those steps and a flourishing garden bed that was infested with garden gnomes. A barn sat a little far away and on the right side the house, it contained a small pen filled with pecking chickens and mud-rolling pigs; between the barn and house sat a small run-down broom shed that was over crowded with spiders.

The backyard acted as a sort of orchard where a canopy of large trees shielded the majority of intruding sunlight and thin-yellowing grass covered a vast area towards the back wall. Just beyond the backyard and over the hill sat an old plum tree, surrounded by shrubbery and residing upon the earth a pretty young girl with fiery red velvet hair that – which normally cascaded to her waist – now spread all around her. She had pale freckled skin and deep brown eyes, her short summer dress dug inappropriately into waist, and she was constantly tugging at it as she read her book flat on her back with her long milky-white legs and flowery panties exposed to the afternoon sun .

Ginny Weasley cursed her bad judgement in clothing for such a situation, yet she dealt with it; as the book was so riveting and the sunlight was pleasantly warm as it danced over her revealing legs and skin that she had lost the will to move quite a while ago. Not to mention the fact that, should she sport a tan, she’d be less tentative towards exposing her legs. It was the summer between her fifth and sixth term at Hogwarts after all, and any change before now and the return of school might help her get noticed once she’d returned. Unfortunately for her, she was attracting the people she less sought after, and pushing away the ones she did want.

Harry James Potter continued to ignore her, for reasons quite oblivious to her. She had made her intentions known, quite openly in the first few years or so after they’d met, but unless her life was in need of saving, she was quite boring to him. She was just, in his eyes, his best friends little sister. And she hated it. But no matter how much she tried to get past it, no matter what Hermione Granger might say about ignoring him back to get his attention, it just wasn’t working. But she played the nice girl, she finally accepted attention other boys had given her, and as a result she had had a run of boyfriends, all equalling up to her expectations: useless.

She frustratingly turned a page and continued reading, enthralled with the journey of the story, the development of the character and the overall plot. She soon became oblivious to her thoughts and surroundings as the sun moved slowly down on its axis; the shadow of the tree moved as light faded, and Ginny was in such the state of unconscious mind, that an approaching figure went quite unnoticed.

Ron Weasley, her brother, sent by their mother to fetch his sister to help with dinner, stumbled onto the scene with mixed expressions. He had not expected to see this, his young gorgeous sister sprawled out with her legs and panties exposed while a look of gratification etched across her face. He of course figured out that her look enjoyment was from the book, and not of what perhaps had been on his mind upon seeing her. Though he continued to stand, rooted to the spot, captivated by what he saw – his head arguing over what to do.

As he crouched behind a nearby bush and stared blankly at the spot between his sister’s legs, his mind kept reminding him just that – it was his sister. Though try as he might, repeating that thought in his head did no good and he could not ignore the excessive bulge building in his pants. He tried closing his eyes and putting the image out of his head, thinking of replacing it with something else: for a moment his Aunt Muriel flashed in front of his eyes, her ugly tartan dress suddenly far more low cut, she was standing oddly slouched as she pulled one side of it up, her false teeth lolling in her mouth and her eyebrows wiggling as she did.

Ron almost vomited as he threw his eyes opened, wide.

He shuddered repulsively as movement from Ginny refocused his gaze. She was tugging uselessly at her summer dress, barely moving it an inch in either direction; her bellybutton got exposed momentarily before she let her dress drop back onto her waist, abandoning the lost cause to return to her book. By now, Ron had all but made up his mind: his sister or not, she was unbelievably attractive, and absolutely hating himself, Ron began tugging at the button on the top of his jeans. Silently and still semi-crouched, Ron yanked his jeans and Chudley Cannon boxers past his knees, releasing his bobbling hard cock.

Attempting to remain steady and quiet, Ron refocused his gaze upon his sister and began stroking, suddenly quite excited with what he was doing. He began to fully appreciate every single thing about Ginny, something he perhaps had lacked in the past; he wondered what had happened, how his young sister had grown into such a wonderful looking young woman. What had he been doing, he thought to himself as he stroked his cock as quietly as he could, when his sister had grown up to become so beautiful? He had probably been seeking his friend’s attention instead; therefore Ginny had become outstandingly gorgeous right under his eyes.

Of course, the fact that he could see her panties had a heavy impact on what he was noticing.

Dethatching from his train of thought, he watched as Ginny smiled to herself and rolled over onto her stomach and with her dress still riding up past her waist he could now see her very cute bum. Ron’s rubbing increased, his eyes widened hungrily and he licked his lips, wishing his sister’s ass was the air in front of him. He went up another gear when Ginny reached back absent-mindedly to pick at her panties that were riding into her. She was such a tease when she wanted to be.

But of course, whilst had Ron had been pumping furiously and giving nothing but her exposed panties his attention, he had not seen his sister cast him a glare over the top of her book, smirking. Therefore she just had to mock him, and rolling onto her stomach so Ron could watch her pick her panties from her bum was just the beginning. As she spread her legs a little further apart her mind raced, never believing she would be putting on a show for her brother – though of course, he did not know that she knew that he was there.

Ron continued to fumble with his hard member, still looking for more before his release which, quite impressively, had not yet come. Ginny rolled back onto her back, her dress still riding into her waist as she put the book down and yawned and stretched. Ginny got slowly to her feet, her dress fell back past her waist and Ron watched, crouched behind the bushes with his hard cock still in his hands, as Ginny patted out her summer dress and turned on her heel. After only a few paces towards the house, however, she stopped; as if making a split second decision, she whirled around on the spot and had closed the gap between her and the bushes behind which Ron hid behind in a blink of the eye.

Suddenly she stood over him, silently judging him crouched there, his pants and boxers around his ankles and his large cock producing from his clenched hand. Ginny smiled sweetly as she got to her knees and met his gaze. Before he knew what was happening, Ginny’s free hand was clamping over his own, her fingers locked with his so that her fingertips grazed his penis. She then lent in, without a word, and kissed him on the lips. Ron seemed to go numb. He naturally closed his eyes as he felt Ginny’s lips hit his, her tongue slashing out almost instantly seeking entry. Ron obeyed without hesitation, his mind quite blank – as their tongues swished together he barely noticed Ginny’s hand moving his, stroking his cock. For how long they stayed together like that, Ron did not know, the next thing he knew was that he was coming, hard, onto the grass in front of him, a loud grunt escaped him and he was suddenly short of breath.

Ginny’s hand did not withdraw and their lips did not separate until several moments after. Ginny wordlessly pecked her brother on the cheek, stood up, patted out her dress and once again set out for the Burrow, leaving Ron to collapse forwards on his knees, almost landing in his white puddle of semen.

Under the Table

Title: Under the Table
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,081
Pairing: Ron/Ginny/Luna
Warnings: incest, oral sex.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and not mine, so quit asking :P
Summary: Divination is boring unless there's something hidden under the table!


Ron Weasley made his was through the barrage traffic of students dispensing from classrooms on every side, his misfortune continuing no matter what shortcut he took, there just seemed to be an endless flow bombarding students against him. Eventually though, as he reached the higher points of the moving staircase, the thickness thinned and before he knew it he was tracking the seventh floor corridor alone, only accompanied by the moving paintings on the wall following his trail with their gaze.

But instead of making his usually path to the Gryffindor tower, he took another path – one that would lead him much higher in the castle, more northwards. Here the paintings were less familiar, except obviously for the select few who were lucky enough to have more than one portrait featured in the castle and was therefore on one of his usual routes as well.

But those thoughts were far from what he was thinking.

He had reached a winding staircase leading to the Divination tower; his insides were suddenly squirming, for he was a little nervous now – he wasn’t suppose to be here right now, and it was what made him remember why he was here that got him even more nervous. His next class was meant to be Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall some five floors below – he was sure his two best friends Harry and Hermione would be covering for him, knowing exactly of his antics.

He would have to get up to speed with what ever ludicrous explanation they may give her about his whereabouts later; right now he was focused on the job at hand.

Climbing the stairs without being spotted.

As he ascended, he kept both an eye an ear in either direction, in case students spotted him being out of place. Luckily, as I was still reasonably early between classes, the place was deserted and he reached the top without the slightest hiccup. But he knew, within a couple of minutes, the place would be swarming with students ready to take next class.

This was the hard part.

Very discreetly he stepped lightly towards the opening and therefore ladder that lead upwards to the Divination room. Taking an inward breath, he carefully climbed the ladder as quietly as he could – it was so silent one would hear a pin drop. Sweating madly, he reached the top and poked his forehead upward to take in the misty, hot room – from what he could see after scanning the room, it was empty.

Trying not to rush or panic, he pulled himself up, shimmied across the floor on his knees and ducked awkwardly under the table at the most back of the room as he had planned.

Breathing deeply, sweating slightly and feeling dizzy but nervous at the same time, Ron clutched his knees to his chest and tilted his head on the side so not to hit the table top – it might have been cramped and uncomfortable, but it would totally be worth it. He sat and waited and sweated, his insides churning as a bell rang overhead indicating there were only a few minutes until the start of next class.




Ginny Weasley bustled through the thickened corridors of the seventh floor, unable to believe there were such numbers around the place. She felt like a pinball, bouncing off oncoming students as they wrestled also to make it to class – but Ginny wasn’t as fussed, and she seemed to be taking a beating because of it. Eventually she got fed up and slipped into a secret crevasse off the corridor she knew would be useful in her venture onwards.

Alone and free she trundled along, shifting her body in sync with the tightened passage in order to get through; and when she came out the other end, she was rather glad to see an empty corridor ahead of her and at the end of it, the stairs leading to Divination. She had taken but one step when she felt a presence behind her, to which she instinctively turned on the spot and took a step back.

‘Hi Ginny!’ said the ever loony Luna Lovegood, her body was emerging from the secret passage Ginny had just come from.

‘Oh hi Luna,’ Ginny replied dolefully, ‘following me are you?’

‘Actually,’ Luna smiled, ‘I saw you enter that crevasse and thought I ought to follow – seems as though we are taking Divination together.’

‘That’s true,’ Ginny smiled, ‘and a rather important Divination lesson if you’ll remember.’

Ginny winked with a hint.

‘Oh yes!’ Luna’s eyes bulged happily, ‘Professor Trelawney will be explaining palm reading today!’

Ginny raised an eyebrow and shrugged. ‘Sure, we’ll go with that.’

She led Luna up the corridor and also the staircase, keeping the conversation as minimal as possible until they reached the top and got the base of the ladder leading to the Divination classroom.

‘After you,’ Ginny beckoned, making Luna nod in appreciation.

The girls ascended the ladder into a seemingly deserted Divination classroom; the only occupants (perhaps besides the Professor in the back room) were a pair of Ravenclaw’s sitting towards the front. Luna waved happily despite them not waving back, and Ginny took it as a sign to grab Luna by the wrist and lead her to the very back of the room and the table that came with it.

‘That was very rude of them,’ Luna stated, ‘I wonder why they did that?’

‘Don’t worry about them, Luna,’ Ginny told her, glaring up the front.

‘They shared a joke with me only this morning,’ Luna explained, ‘albeit I was not trying to be funny when I said my corkscrew necklace was lacking something particular, but we had a right laugh over it.’

Ginny sighed as she moved her feet about below the table, as if seeking something. She felt her foot meet something rather solid, accompanied by a discreet ‘ouch’ that made her grin broadly. Luna seemed to blink unaware of another’s presence, believing it to have been Ginny making the noise.

‘Did you kick the table leg?’ Luna prompted.

‘Good afternoon, my children,’ Professor Trelawney made her appearance as more students began to appear at the hole in the floor of the classroom. ‘If you are the last in, please be a dear and close the hatch so we may begin.’

A struggling Ravenclaw appeared to arrive last and shut the trapdoor just as Trelawney turned form her desk, holding up a small round glass sphere.

‘Palmistry Reading,’ she said suddenly, making any chatter cease and the room go quiet. ‘It is a unique art – one that requires inept knowledge of the all Seeing Eye. It is a tricky skill to learn, something that I am afraid most of you poor tethered souls will undoubtedly suffer the inability too-’

‘Oh my,’ Luna said in a rather carrying whisper.

The class chuckled audibly, believing Luna had expressed emotion at these words; Ginny however, with a look of a mischief grin on her face, believed her dear friend Luna might have just discovered that they had a guest underneath their table.

‘Yes, indeed, dreadful!’ Professor Trelawney said dramatically; she sought after added charisma to her speeches. ‘But fear not my children, I will try my very best to assure you that have every chance to grasp the Inner Eye to see the future!’

The Ravenclaw girls up the front were grinning broadly to one another, as if they’d just had a session with Cheering Charms.

‘Belief still exists, my children,’ Trelawney continued, ‘it is all around you, inside of you and always with you. It is life, the air we breathe and the water we consume; without it, us, magic, would cease to exist.’

Ginny stifled an awkward low yawn that did not seem to derail Trelawney. But while she continued to talk however, Ginny focused on the body mass under their table – unsure if perhaps they had started without her, she spread her legs apart and lifted the table cloth to peek underneath.

Her eyes met her brothers and he winked at her, making her smile briefly; she inclined her head, indicating she wanted proceedings to get underway – and it took all but an inclining of his head back for them to understand. As she let the table cloth go she raised her head above the table again; keeping her legs spread she shimmied forward on her seat ever so marginally so that her brother would have very little trouble removing her panties from her waist.

She bit her lip gently from making any noise when she felt his cool hands running up her legs, across her knees and upwards to her inner thy (not to be confused with her Inner Eye) where his finger tips tickled her core briefly. Wanting to taste her as much as she wanted him too, he skipped any sort of foreplay and got right to the point by grabbing the elastic of her panties and pulling them down past her knees.

Here Ron stopped to admire her beautiful pussy; her elegant moist folds and abundant clitoris was quite something to withhold – a sight that since of late, he had not been able to keep from his mind.

With other things, it was this thought that had kept him thinking back to when it all started – back when they were young; back before Hogwarts, where they used to spend their days wondering what their older brothers were doing/learning at Hogwarts whilst they hung around at home reading books about what they were missing. Ron had always been her (Ginny’s) entertainment – he used to joke with her, hypothesize what lunacy things Fred and George might currently be doing to get in trouble; he had always made her laugh.

They had times where they were left home alone for hours on end, growing closer and closer and Ron was quickly able to recognise what sparked the two of them to end up doing what they were doing now. But it was about two years before Ron was to commence at Hogwarts that it seemed to click to Ginny that he would be going to Hogwarts before her – this was when things took off. Upset that her only remaining brother (and probably closest) would be leaving Hogwarts before her, she followed him everywhere; she’d play hours upon hours of chess with him (losing every time), played Quidditch daily with him and even swam with him at the nearby river even if it was cold.

And it was one day, when Ron disappeared off to his room without her seeing that perhaps they grew the closest. After discovering he was gone, she went looking for him – and when she found him in his bedroom, on his bed with his trousers around his ankles things seem to just aspire from there.  Ron’s mind was vague with the details that followed, but all significant events that happened after that moment seemed to have led them to where they were now.

Getting each other off in the middle of class.

Lately they had been introducing others into their acts of late; such as Luna, who had always seemed particularly fond of Ron, and found it enthralling to be eaten out in the middle of a class. Harry and Hermione were at first, understandably sceptic over the brother and sister relationship of course; they were awkward with the idea of participating in something that was frowned upon. But soon they were able to get past it, understand their need; they eventually became comfortable with it. They soon after became involved in the best ever Transfiguration class where Ginny and Luna hid under the trio’s desk taking turns getting them off.

Ron stretched a hand out to feel the blonde’s leg at this thought, making her gasp in surprise and without warning. This seemed to capture the attention of Professor Trelawney up the front somehow, who had been in the middle of a transfixing mutter.

‘What my girl?’ she breathed, trotting over to their table, ‘did you see something on your hand? Did it tell you that the north moon of the seventh sun is spinning?’

‘Umm… no,’ Luna looked dreamily up at her teacher, ‘I think it was the south moon.’

Trelawney gave her a longing stare (even as Ron tickled her leg and forced Luna to bite her lip) before moving back up to the front of the room and impressively continuing her rant from where she left off. Luna grinned and gave Ron a nudge with her foot playfully, before allowing him to continue with his sister.

His tongue was well and truly inside her by now, her inner walls were exceptionally wet and tasty, and Ron was eager to explorer ever single corner of her pussy. Ginny’s breathing was irregular as she spread her legs as wide as she dared; Luna helped as best she could be by pulling one of Ginny’s legs over her knee before running her cool hand along it. Ginny breathed in and tried to control herself, Professor Trelawney meanwhile was far too entranced in her own lies that she didn’t notice the mini orgy in the back of the room.

The two girls risked begin caught when they leaned across each other to make out; for at least a minute their lips were locked, their tongues swirled around each others mouths – this was one of the many reasons it paid off to be at the back of the room. They eventually decided that it would be best to pull back and face forward, hoping not to be caught out.

Meanwhile Ron’s tongue lavished at his sisters young flesh, and Ginny was now biting her lip, grasping at the table feeling pressure built up in the pit of her stomach. Luna cast a hand sideways, and unceremoniously grabbed at her breast and squeezed hard. It would have looked quite suspicious if someone were to turn in their seat now, but Ginny’s eyes were closed, her legs were clearly raised and parted, Luna had one hand on Ginny’s chest and the other had disappeared underneath the table to rub at her clit.

There was no stopping it. She came, as noiselessly as she could, into her brothers opened and waiting mouth. She was breathing hard, Luna pulled away and licked at her fingers, prepared to look as straight faced as she dared in case they were questioned. Ginny was an off-putting scarlet colour, no too different from that of her hair. She was quickly recovering from her orgasm, despite her brother still lapping at the sides of her vagina.

Eventually clean, however, Ron focused his attention to Luna, and he was slightly surprised to find she wasn’t wearing panties. Slightly, only, because he had come across this before- but he could help feel oddly turned on, as she openly spread her legs and smirked sideways at Ginny, who was still breathing heavily. And Luna, knowing all well and good that there was no way she could orgasm like that and not make a noise, pulled her wand from her pocket and whispered a rather ingenious spell Ron had shared with her.


Knowing the spell had filled the ears of almost everyone of the room of unidentifiable buzzing, that they would probably assume to be Trelawney’s ever-lasting rant, Luna threw her head back in ecstatic fashion as Ron’s tongue made contact with her clit. She was not subject to show as much emotion as normal people was Luna, but when it came to pleasure from contact with her vagina, she probably showed more than usual.

Not long after discovering the escapades of brother and sister, Ginny had lent her Ron to fuck in an empty classroom one evening, once again with the aid of the Muffliato spell while Ginny kept watch.

At the time she had been a virgin, and it had hurt slightly, but once she passed the pain, she had screamed and cried and literally bellowed Ronald Weasley’s name in pleasure at the top of her lungs. Certainly a tongue was no match to that of a male anatomy, but her mere sensitivity these days meant she couldn’t grind herself against a seat or table leg without the hint of a groan or gasp escaping her strawberry-chapped lips.

As Ron’s tongue rolled over her sweetness, the roles above seemed to turn in reverse; now it was Ginny enforcing a kiss with the blonde, she squeezed a hand beneath the desk to play with Luna’s clit and even pressed her free hand against the larger chest. Luna’s grown went unnoticed to Professor Trelawney, who had now progressed to reading the palm of the Ravenclaw girl up the front to the rest of the class. Ginny was able to steal a few extra moments in their kiss, before pulling away in case Trelawney looked up.

Luna took longer than Ginny; for fifteen minutes Ron licked, with added help every now and then from his sisters fingers on Luna’s clit, but the two girls had been forced to put at least one hand on the table and make it seem they were reading each others palms intently. Ginny had to fish her hand out from underneath the table when Trelawney came over, Luna looking red and flushed in the face, she was quite close. Ron made a notion to slow down, so that the blonde would not swear or hiss his name and give away his position.

‘You look troubled, my dear,’ Trelawney pointed out as Ginny stifled a giggle, ‘what have you discovered?’

Ginny had to pull a straight face as the teacher addressed her.

‘Oh,’ Ginny flipped at her opened book, ‘I think this line here,’ she drew the finger that had been on Luna’s clit mere moments before across a deep horizontal line on Luna’s hand, ‘means that she may be experiencing pleasure soon,’ a cruel smirk etched along Ginny’s face, ‘and that this interlocking line here,’ she traced another less faint cut that swivelled diagonally, ‘tells me that it may have something to do with a red-haired man who lingers in dark places.’

Professor Trelawney raised her eyes, looking rather impressed.

‘My dear,’ she said to Ginny, now surveying Luna’s hand, ‘I say... you could very well be right! I must admit, when you first entered my midst, I did not believe you had the Inner Eye.’

She muttered something inaudible as she turned over Luna’s hand, searching for a loop-hole. Ginny, who had merely been making something up on the spot, tried to look back blankly as she fought off a laugh; Ron decided not to help, by inserting a finger into her arse.

‘Indeed she is of course, correct,’ Trelawney said to Luna, ‘if I were you deary, I would ensure that under every table I sit at,’ and at this point she gave the one they were at now a fleeing look, their hearts leapt, ‘there is no person lingering under it.’

She hurried away, just as Luna had reached her peak by being touched by three people at once whilst being sexually stimulated. Relief rushed over her as she came, and not too soon, either, as the bell rang out and muffled the majority of her screams. For a moment, the two girls at the back had thought a Ravenclaw in front of them had heard her; but, he merely glimpsed expressionless at Luna’s heaving chest before descending the ladder first.

As Luna steadily recovered from her orgasm, Ginny dipped underneath the table to suck at Ron’s finger that had been briefly in her arse. Then, kissing him and hissing to him that they would wait in a broom cupboard below, Ginny emerged pretending she had dropped her quill. As the remainder of the class filed out of the room, Ginny helped a staggering Luna to her feet and they marched to the ladder and descended.

Ron waited; he had to ensure the landing below the ladder was empty and that Trelawney had her back to him. After a few minutes wait, and indeed ensuring the Professor was oblivious to the room behind her, Ron rushed across to the ladder and ascended, spotting the broom cupboard across from him he darted to it and pulled open the door.

Awaiting him was the most spectacular sight a man could stumble across.

Luna stood against the wall, dreamily playing with her corkscrew necklace as Ginny, on her knees in front of the blonde, had her head up the Ravenclaw girl’s skirt, undoubtedly licking away the remnants of her orgasm. When Luna looked around she peered at him hazily, almost as if she was dumbstruck at how she had got into such a position.

‘Oh hullo,’ she said as Ron crossed the threshold and closed the door behind him.

They were in near-darkness; he could barely see his sister on her knees in front of him. He couldn’t definitely, however, hear the sounds of her tongue lashing against young wet flesh belonging to Luna, and despite having just given both girls orgasms he had been yet unable to free himself of one. It was then, he decided, as he lifted Ginny’s skirt, that he had earned one.

‘Oooh,’ Luna gasped, she seemed to be able to see what Ron was doing. ‘Does this mean I will be missing Charms?’

Ron grunted as he withdrew his bulging cock from his pants. ‘I’m afraid so,’ he told her, as he ran the head of his penis against his sisters open flesh- he noted fashionably how there was no protest from the younger redhead. In fact, when he entered her, not only was there a longing groan that escaped his own lips, but a muffled one could also be heard from somewhere up Luna’s skirt.

‘That’s alright,’ Luna was saying, Ron half listening. ‘I think Flitwick said we were only doing revision... hang on-’

Ginny was moving; despite the fact her brother was ploughing into her from behind, she edged forwards, so her head pushed through Luna’s legs and titled at the angle where she could reach the young girls rear entrance. Luna’s eyes widened, not seen by Ron in the dark, who had to shuffle forward as Ginny did this, so he could stay inside her.

‘Blimey,’ he said hoarsely; Ron knew he couldn’t last, what with the thoughts of the past half an hour or so in his head, and the blurry yet tasteful act being performed in front of him, and the feeling of his sister so hot, so wet, so tight. He growled as he came with one, long, hard thrust into her, causing himself to stagger at there mere force of the explosion. Breathing hard, he pulled himself out of her with a mighty tug, and fell backwards onto a bucket, exhausted. He could smell Ginny on him, as she continued, undeterred, to feast on Luna’s back end.

After a minute, or so, she was getting to her feet, kissing the blonde with the same tongue that had been swirling around in Luna’s arse. When they broke apart they looked around at Ron, who was scowling up at them as if they thought it was funny they were kissing each other, right after he’d just came.

‘Do smile will you, Ron,’ Ginny said happily, swooping down to give him a loving peck on the cheek as if they were merely siblings again.

As she did this, however, her hand found his cock; she grasped it, and wiped clean of it both his and her lingering juices. She brought her hand to her face and began to lick it, with the aid of Luna beside her.

‘Well see you at dinner?’ Ginny winked after Luna had finished sucking on her fingers, ‘as I’m guessing that’ll be a while.’

She nodded at his erection, in which continued to stare up at them all. As Ron nodded gravely, Luna swooped down to kiss him, too, and then they were gone. Ron grumbled something to himself as he wriggled his pants back up, pleading with his body to think of something unappealing. After a while he got to his feet, his penis again limp, he left the confines of the broom cupboard and made his way down to dinner.

For some reason, he was in the mood for a strawberry and lemon tart.

Muddy Blow

A Weasleycest Production


Disclaimer – JK Rowling owns Potter and characters, not me.


Pairings – Ron/Ginny


Warnings – incest, duh. Seriously, if you weren’t expecting this you’ve come to the wrong community page…


Muddy Blow


Ron and Ginny trumped up the lawns of Hogwarts together after a terrible day of Quidditch training; both were muddy and irritated as they slipped on the soggy grass as they went. It had been a long, struggling session, they were both cold and hungry as they headed to dinner; meanwhile, whilst the Gryffindor Quidditch team had gruelled away, the rest of the school had been visiting Hogsmeade, undoubtedly enjoying Butterbeers all day in the warm Three Broomsticks.

Ginny spotted her friends and waltzed off, leaving her brother alone to enter Hogwarts and find his friends sitting down at the Gryffindor deep in discussion. They were talking about Cho when he arrived, and he merely grasped at every plate and dish and bowl he could grab towards him, saying nothing and barely listening.

‘Girls don’t often ask questions like that,’ Hermione was saying.

‘They should,’ Harry protested.

He lost track of the conversation until her heard Hermione mention feelings, just as Ginny joined them at the table.

‘You should write a book,’ Ron said, cutting his potatoes, ‘translating mad things girls do so boys can understand them.’

Harry agreed before addressing both he and Ginny.

‘So, how was Quidditch practice?’

‘It was a nightmare,’ Ron said a sour voice.

‘Oh come on,’ Hermione started, looking at Ginny, ‘I’m sure-’

‘Yes, it was,’ said Ginny, ‘appalling. Angelina was nearly in tears by the end.’

After dinner, Ron and Ginny got up and left the hall together, intent on removing all traces of dirt on them as possible in a long, hot bath.

‘I don’t know how I got dirt down my shorts,’ Ron was saying bluntly, Ginny looking sideways with raised eyebrows, ‘but it’s everywhere! How did it get under my fingernails?’

Ginny laughed. ‘It’s under mine, too,’ she whispered, holding them up.

‘Know any good spells?’ Ron asked her, his hands were filthy.

‘Oh of course,’ Ginny hissed, looking slightly disheartened, ‘just because I’m a girl, I naturally know any and every spell that is relative to cleaning-?’

‘No,’ defended Ron, looking taken aback, ‘I just meant- I don’t know any and- I was just asking because I know I’m an unintelligent git and could use help.’

He was slightly stressed by this; Ginny pursed her lips but did not retort. For a moment there was silence as they ascended the moving staircases.

‘I should have asked Hermione before we left,’ he backtracked, almost apologetically, still holding out his hands, ‘you know maybe, m-maybe I might go back and-’

‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ Ginny splattered, ‘I think I know a spell, I can do it for you.’

Ron stared at her. ‘I didn’t… thanks, you d-don’t have too.’

‘Its fine,’ Ginny murmured, glaring sideways.

Again they fell silent until they were walking along the Fat Lady corridor and something occurred to Ron.

‘Wait a minute,’ he said as they stopped at the portrait, ‘how do you expect to help me with this,’ he indicated his hands, ‘when were in separate bathrooms.’

Ginny smiled and merely looked up at the portrait of the Fat lady, who was watching over them with a slither of impatience.

Mimbulus mimbletonia,’ Ginny said weakly.

‘Bless you,’ said the Fat Lady as she swung open and Ginny stepped through.

Confused, Ron followed her into the common room that was, despite a few first years playing Gobstones in the far corner, empty.

‘Everyone’s down at dinner,’ Ron said, who had joined Ginny’s side as she stood staring at them, ‘so what-?’

‘Come on,’ Ginny hissed, grabbing at Ron’s wrist and pulling him with her across the common room.

He mumbled something hastily but nothing coherent, and stumbled forwards at Ginny’s heels who were heading towards the girls staircase. Ron winced when his foot met the first few steps, expecting it to melt and turn into a slide under his feet. However, where he should have been descending on his backside, he and Ginny continued to ascend without the faintest sound of protest, let alone a thundering horn or clunk of chains to insinuate the staircase was turning smooth.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Ginny let go of her brother’s hand and watched him as he glared back behind them, slightly befuddled.

‘If you are willingly brought up here,’ Ginny explained with a glint of a smile, ‘by a female… then the exception is ignored, and you are practically thought of as trustworthy.’

Ron looked impressed. ‘Brilliant,’ he said, sounding impressed, ‘how were you sure-?’

‘Because I’ve done it before,’ Ginny said, turning red, ‘I err… brought- well never mind how I know, just don’t think you can do it again without being escorted.’

Ron blinked at her. ‘Who did you bring up here?’

Ginny ignored him. She pushed open the door to her dormitory and peaked inside; it was, as the common room had been, empty, and she promptly led Ron over the threshold.

‘Ginny,’ Ron said as he followed her, ‘I’m not quite sure that we should-’

‘Come on,’ she urged him, waltzing over to the other side of the dormitory where she entered the dorms lavatory area.

He heard her going about turning some taps on before she poked her head back through the door, her eyebrows raised as she looked at him.

‘What’re you doing?’ she asked of him, smiling widely.

Ron hesitated, but then followed, and Ginny closed and locked the door behind her before pulling out her wand- she whispered ‘Colloportus.’

As the door made a weird squelching noise, Ron looked around in alarm and saw the effect of the door sealing itself. He raised his eyebrows.

‘Blimey. How’d you-?’ he started, but Ginny smiled.

‘I spend more time with Hermione than you think,’ she said, placing her wand on a table and beginning to unbutton her robes.

Ron blinked.

‘So err…’ he was suddenly staring at her blankly, ‘you know… I could just wash my hands here and… err…’ Ginny had just revealed her white blouse and shorts, ‘and umm… you could tell me that spell and I-’

‘Oh I dunno,’ Ginny said with a flicker of a smile as she began to untie her blouse, ‘Hermione tells me you struggle with the spell.’

Ron blinked at her. ‘What-? Wait, I know the spell?’

Ginny smiled but did not answer as she willingly and unceremoniously pulled at her blouse so that it fell right off and exposed her sports bra. ‘The spell you require to clean this mess up, yeah,’ she indicated her fingernails, ‘but not,’ she laughed as she surveyed him, ‘not the mess you may intend on making with that.’

Ron looked down and felt himself turning rather red. He had not felt it, but the erection now in his pants seemed quite noticeable, and Ginny was giggling sheepishly to herself as she glanced at it, her cheeks flushed.

‘Oh,’ Ron murmured; he seemed to be rigid, suddenly, and stuck to the spot.

He neither turned nor attempted to shield his growing erection that now pointed carelessly towards his sister as she laughed, not helping, and began undoing the back of her bra.

‘Are you going to bath or not?’ Ginny asked him curiously, returning her gaze to his eyelevel as she flung her bra across the room, Ron’s eyes followed it.

‘Err…’ Ron blinked back at her, her small perky breasts were now free, ogling at him to reach out and touch them.

‘I err… umm.’

Ginny raised her eyebrows as if he had just dared her to make him more convinced that he should join her; but as she very casually pulled down her shorts and panties and stepped out of them, revealing her developing young bush of red hair and vagina, Ron went into motion.

His clothes were sheathed and on the floor in the matter of moments, Ginny watching carefully as his erection bobbled free of his trousers. She then, with an incredulous smile, brushed past him and leaned over the bath to turn the running taps off that were filling it. Ron got a glimpse of her behind before she gestured to him to join her, which he did, after a moment’s hesitation.

‘This is all too fast,’ he murmured, basically to himself as they stepped into the bath together; the water was quite perfect, neither hot nor cold. And as they began to sink into it they realised that it was perhaps just not big enough for two people.

It had been made to fit one and a half normal sized people – but Ron was so tall that it meant, despite Ginny being quite petite, they were rather cramped. Ron did not like the way his foot was pressed hard up against Ginny’s upper thy, nor it seemed was she, as a moment later she swivelled so his foot curved slowly between her legs, pressing against her flesh until it came to a halt underneath her, almost cradling her.

Ron had not liked this either, until Ginny had let out a loud moan and closed her eyes, making his erection pump.

I’m in trouble, he thought to himself as Ginny opened her eyes to blink at him.

Mum’s going to kill me­-

‘Relax,’ she whispered, noting his look of stress.

But he wasn’t quite sure that he would be able to do that.

Ginny moved again, reaching for her wand that was on the table beside them, her movements meant that Ron’s foot rubbed against her bare skin and another stifled moan escaped her lips, as if she had broken ribs and was wincing from reaching out.

‘Give me your h-hand,’ she breathed, returning still as heat rushed through her face.

Ron obliged and she took his hand, surveying each finger individually.

Evanesco,’ she whispered, tapping each finger in turn; to his bewilderment, the large amount of built up dirt underneath Ron’s fingernails disappeared, it seemed to have done so permanently.

‘I thought that spell just vanished objects,’ Ron queried, looking up at his sister (he had to disregard the sight of her naked breasts and the pang he felt in his stomach because of it); ‘a-and that it was meant to be sent, temporarily, somewhere else.’

Ginny shook her head. ‘As far as I’m aware it’s gone completely.’

She tapped the rest of his fingers and admired her handy work before handing the wand over to him and saying, so casually and innocently, ‘OK, now you do me.’

Ron’s eyes bulged and Ginny, suddenly realising what she had just said, looked wide-eyed also. However, as she held out her hand for him to take, she did not correct herself, and in doing this she moved once again against his foot and had to close her eyes and bit her lip from letting out any sort of muffled moan. Ron swallowed, shakily took his sisters hand and, hoping he didn’t make her vanish, also whispered ‘Evanesco.’

It was clear, straight away, that he was not as efficient at it as she was – but he was at least glad to have something distracting him from the fact his sister sat naked on his foot. As if this thought carried to her, she opened her eyes and looked down at her fingernails, which weren’t all clean.

‘Well,’ she said once Ron had finished, ‘I guess… well I can always do them again later.’

And as she took her wand from him and sat up, Ron was disappointed for the first time that they had broken contact. Ginny had her back to him momentarily as she placed her wand back onto the table; her bum stuck out a bit far too pronounced, as this was not what Ron needed – once again he was standing at attention.

When Ginny reared back around, she did not take long to spot it.

‘Oh my,’ she looked up at her brother, who was now inconsolably red in the face and looking away.

He wanted nothing more than for her to do the same, for her to give shame and look away; but she didn’t. In fact, it was if she had been waiting for this to happen again since it had the first time. Daringly and with a notable sense of sexuality much beyond her years, she got on her knees, slithered a small hand up the length of Ron’s leg, brushed his sack and took grasp at the base of his erection.

‘Oh fuck,’ Ron breathed, his arms grappling at the side of the bath as he looked down to see Ginny touching him. ‘Ginny-!’

‘Shut up,’ she hissed, her eyes flickered towards the lock door before they darted back to him, where she put a finger from her free hand to her lips, and started stroking him very weakly from the base.

‘I don’t-’ Ron began, but Ginny interrupted.

‘I just want you to be clean,’ she whispered, and to his horror she was descending upon his erection with her mouth.

Ron’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as she made contact; at first, Ron’s reaction might have been to scream out in absolute pleasure. However, after making a face and a bizarre sound from the base of his throat that sounded as if he’d swallowed a raven, he put his fist in his mouth and bit down hard, just as Ginny’s tongue swirled lovingly around the tip of his penis. It was, albeit wrong to have his young sister act in such a way, yet, mildly surprised he might be, he found himself thinking he couldn’t be more turned on at that point.

Not even the thought of Hermione Granger walking in, offering to help, seemed likely to top how he was feeling. And as Ginny sunk his cock further into her mouth, all thought’s about Hermione ceased, and the sensation that he felt right now, for which he had never ever felt before, took over. And Ginny was fucking brilliant.

It was almost like she had done this before.

But that thought left him too, and suddenly all he could think about was the marvellous skills of his little sisters tongue. It was swirling, darting, prancing and dancing its way around his swelled penis, and he felt himself building pressure in the pit of his stomach. Ginny gave no indication of slowing down, as she pushed him back in her mouth, further this time, her heard her gargle as his cock reached the point of her throat where it could no longer penetrate.

She pulled back, a line of saliva trailed from the head of his penis to her mouth, before she slid it back in again, making Ron grasp the side of the bath and moan. She closed her lips over the head of his penis, and started beating off the base; she was making water splash around them and this change of pace made Ron arch his back and curl his toes.

He was close.

And then he saw, as he looked down and she looked up, that she was grinning. She had the head of his penis now between her teeth, her tongue lashing at its tip and her hand was beating him off rapidly – and all the while she grinned at him as if he’d simply told her a funny joke.

Suddenly he had shot his load.

It was the pinnacle point from which he could no longer hold off; he came with such a shout that even he startled himself, as his penis filled his sister’s mouth with months and months of unreleased stressed that, with endless homework and Quidditch practice he had not been able to dislodge. And in a way, as Ginny continued to beat him off in attempts to endure all the protein that was stored away, it was as if she had known just what he need.

"I just want you to be clean."

‘Maybe,’ Ginny whispered as they were huddled up and cuddling ten minutes later, after Ron had come again and Ginny had squirmed upwards into his arms, ‘you might make me clean too?’

~ * ~

bed time story

Stalling You

Author:                 IckleRonnikens
Rating:                  NC-17
Pairing(s):             Ginny Weasley/???
Warnings:             Masturbation.
Word Count:        1319
Notes:                  All these random thoughts keep popping into my head…


Chapter One


Ginny Weasley pressed herself hard up against the cold walls of Hogwarts and groaned as she made her way along the second floor corridor; she was so not herself as she snuck away yet again from another pointless Divination lesson. She continued to believe that despite what Professor Trelawney might say to her, it is not a subject that is going to aid her in any future endeavours that she may undergo. Then again, as a Quidditch enthusiast her immediate line of criteria was not what she needed to learn, but what she already learned back on the fields at the Burrow.

But so what if she hadn’t told Trelawney about her choice yet? It gave her a kick every lesson to see what the old bat would come up that was suppose to be life altering in the arts of star gazing. It gave her a Luna Lovegood (Ravenclaws shared Divination with the Gryffindors) a right old time during the long hours sitting at the back of a hot, hazy room.

However, as she wandered along the second floor her mind drifted off Divination again and back on the agenda at her. Her legs were weak, her mind was rattled and her underpants were – to be blunt – about to get wet. She had never needed to pee so badly before in her life, and on the fear of wetting herself she leapt at the chance of the closest bathroom; and she thought to herself upon entry to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom that maybe this one was a bad idea.

Too desperate to care she literally leapt across the bathroom floor and hailed into the nearest cubical and whipping her knickers down just in time. Cool, steady relief hit as her outtake of breath echoed around the empty bathroom, her head flew back to stare at the ceiling and she smiled to herself; she was showing way too much happiness for something so insignificant, that it was as if she thought someone was watching her.

She wiped and flushed and was ready to move when she stopped; sitting back she listened carefully to her surroundings – everything was quiet. Sure it was class time, most students were being lectured or studying in their common rooms – and in addition, this was Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom; no one ever came in here.

And hence, her vulgar intuitions suddenly popped an idea.

After making complete sure the door to her cubical was bolted shut, she sat back and attempted to get comfortable – which, with a concrete backing board, was not very easy. She shuffled herself downwards a little bit and parted her legs, her knickers dangled off of her leg as shr moved her hand southwards pondering all avenues to her crotch.

She shifted again, this time ever so slightly so that she leant barely sidewards and propped her leg open just another inch or so. Eventually she made contact with her pussy; her desperate longing moan escaped those beautiful lips and echoed through the bathroom back to her ears. She moaned again, just to hear it, to get into a mood – with the sound of her own pleasure, however, it didn’t take long.

She found the spot below her clit that made her jump slightly every time she started on it, and today was no exception. She rolled her finger over it and twitched, accidentally losing track of where her foot was and kicking the side of her cubicle; she swore and moaned loudly simultaneously.

She was just contemplating the next step, about inserting a finger inside of her when a noise made her stop and prick her ears up; this usual type of behaviour is normally in full flight when sneaking around the castle at night or, in this case, masturbating in the haunted bathroom.

It took her a minute to realise that someone was coming in, that the door to the bathroom was being opened and a body was making their way over the threshold. Ensuring any sign of her existence in the cubical was insubstantial, Ginny stayed perfectly still as footsteps echoed across the same walls as her moans had seconds earlier; the perpetrator seemed to do a circle of the place, before coming to rest at the cubicle besides hers and bolting the door.

Ginny dared to breath. Her hand stayed clamped between her legs, her fingers trailing along her folds as curiosity took her over and she leaned forwards to sneak a glance at her intruder’s pins. Only, there wasn’t flesh to glance at – not immediately at least; in fact, it looked like trousers a male student would wear and, sure enough, a moment later they were being pushed down around the students ankles as well as a pair of Quidditch boxer shorts.

Hairy dark legs turned on the spot as the intruder sat on the toilet in his cubical and fell silent. Ginny, suddenly turned on in an odd sort of way leaned indecently more forward, daring to catch a glimpse of something, anything that might give this person away. But what she saw as she strained her neck to look down then back up made her moan out at the sight.

They were definitely male.

It looked as if things had turned, because this intruder had a semi-erection and clearly had other things on their mind besides using the bathroom; and suddenly things got very interesting, very quickly. Whilst Ginny was watching, our intruder began stroking themselves, quickly up and down at an impeccable rate; there was a sudden loud and low groan echoing off the walls of the bathroom, and it came as evidence that he had been struggling just as bad as her.

Once she had the image of cock-in-hand she sat back against the concrete board and let her presence be known; she slid a finger inside of herself and matched his groan, quickly going silent to heed his response. He was quiet at first, but Ginny let out another soft hinting moan and the sound of hand against erect flesh could be heard again.

Ginny instigated the next step.

She added a second finger and pressed her thumb up against beneath her clit – again she kicked the side of her cubicle and groaned out so loudly that she drained out those of her competition next door. She increased her tempo, her cunt well and truly wet now that her fingers slid in and out in a sufficient yet elegant manner.

The sounds of her newly befriended male next door gave her the satisfaction she needed to keep going – knowing he was beating off beside her made it even more thrilling, and soon she had forgotten her place and was sliding a leg under the side of the cubical to rub against his. Her head threw back at the contact, albeit minimal it was the drive she needed and almost instantaneously she came, squirting violently all over her hands and the floor beneath her.

She let out the loudest moan of all as her body rocked back against the concrete backing, her breath short and heavy, her belly emptied and her hands soaked and sticky; she smiled at all the noises she heard next door from then on. Eventually her neighbour came, his post-orgasm groan matching hers with both intensity and power; she slid her leg from under his and steadily got to her feet, licking her hands clean without thought and pondering what she would say to this guy when he decided to surface.

She quickly pocketed her panties and, without bothering to clean the mess she had made on the floor, she waltzed out with a skip in her step to the basin where she took a moment to clean her hands and mouth. Then, heart beating and a hundred miles a minute, she turned on the spot as the stall door containing her new friend unbolted, swung opened and revealed…